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Fotolia 40439345 XSDivorces, custody battles and fighting for child support can be very difficult and stressful. We at Law Group of Lawyer & Court, P.C. understand the uniqueness of every client's case and make efforts to reduce the stress. Besides family law, we cater to clients who require assistance with driver’s license restoration, criminal law, mediation and personal injury. We cater to the western Michigan area.

We evaluate situations objectively and never keep you in the dark about anything pertaining to your case. We explain to you your rights and patiently listen to and answer all the questions that you have. After taking extreme care to understand what you ideally want, we then we make a legal strategy specific to your needs. When you come to us, you are sure to receive honest, caring and personable service.

Know your rights and fight for them. We are with you!

The Law Group of Lawyer & Court, P.C. can obtain the necessary authority for individuals seeking to help their grandchildren, elderly parents, family or friends who need it. Schedule a consultation to determine what court proceeding should be arranged so that the care provider can obtain the proper authority. There are many levels of authority which range from a simple power of attorney to the most intensive authority found in a guardian and/or conservator. Together we can decide which authority is best for the case.